Over My Shoulder - EP

by Mike Lachance

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released January 12, 2017

All music by Mike Lachance
Recording by Mike Lachance, Scott Lachance, and Ken Lachance.
Mixing and mastering by Scott Lachance of Abby Way Studios.
Album artwork by Daniel Joel Newman.


all rights reserved



Mike Lachance Worcester, Massachusetts

Mike took up the electric bass in 2003 and from there he continued to develop his musical instincts and teach himself new instruments. Drawing inspiration from different milestones in his life, Mike's writing documents his personal experiences and decisions in an introspective and authentic approach. ... more

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Track Name: Dirt Roads
Two dirt roads they meet
Where a river babbles, then speaks
Two paths align, intertwine
And all the while we hold the line.

We’re passing exits as we go,
And making footsteps in the snow.
I cast a glance over my shoulder,
And now that I'm older, I think
I should have been bolder.

Well how can we stand in between
And hope that it ends up serene.
We bottle our hopes and dreams
To float away, and hope to find them another day.
Track Name: Bear With Me
Look over my shoulder, I'm trying to find you
Do you even know my name?
And would you believe me if’n I told you
I'm trying to be good again.

I'm waiting for when we’ll meet for the first time
Your big white beard on the hill.
Well you could have fooled me, is that what you look like?
Well my heart is unsure still.

So bear with me. Yea bear with me.
And I'll try to find those signs if that's what you’re sending me.
But bear with me.

Can you really blame me, for being this muddled,
There's so many words to hear. And so many people with so many stories so far from what I hold dear.
Am I wearing the right clothes? Or kissing the stone toes? Well one thing seems to hold true.
That all of this routine couldn't be further from what I'd hope to construe.

So bear with me. Yea bear with me.
And I'll try to find those signs if that's what you’re sending me.
But bear with me.

They say everything in time will come,
If we learn to soldier on.
Track Name: Telephone Love
It started uncertain
And flowed out to sea
If we didn't go there
I don't know who I'd be.
Just one of the others
Lost in the crowd.
A piece of my future,
Still trying to get out.

And I rock you gently
Over the phone.
Rock you gently
So you're not alone and I'll
Rock you gently, into the sea.
Weaving a dream world for just you and me.

And though I can't see you,
Seven spaces away.
We’ll hold onto memories
And the warmth of those days.
We’ll go see those movies,
I promised we would.
We’ll build up our own home,
Of whole heart, stone and wood.

Where I'll rock you gently,
Back at our home.
Rock you gently
And now we’re not alone
Yes I'll rock you gently
Into the sea, weaving a dream world
For just you and me.

We’ll build a little home.
We’ll build a little home
Track Name: I Should Go
Decembers growing cold,
It seems that everything I've told
Cannot help me now
I've known for too long.

I leave the evening still
The dimples in my walls, they fill
With worries I've let go
Maybe this is what I need

Oh I should go
Oh I should go

You send me letters all
Winter and I feel awful
I can't pretend I feel the same
longing that you do.

And thirteen cards from you
Persist on my subconscious queue
But I can't love you all
Cause I can't even love you.

Oh I should go
Oh I should go

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